FIPO STem offers unparalleled opportunity for Organizations to outsource the entire Interview process. Screening, Testing, Evaluating and Messaging are the corner stone of candidate management. It is also the most intensive activity that determines the Time, Cost & Quality aspects of recruiting.

The STem process offers to screen out unqualified candidates, so employers don’t have to deal with sorting through applicants who don’t have the required skills and experience. This is a huge win for employers that are typically overwhelmed by unqualified job applications.

The STem process is designed to

  •  Increase hiring speed and Improve quality of candidate
  •  Reduce recruitment costs
  •  Infuse ownership and partnership
  •  Customize recruitment process for clients
  •  Improve Candidate Experience & Engagement

First IPO’s platform is built to manage the time consuming and process intensive activities. The resume screening, mapping to requirement, testing, telephonic screening, first round of video interview along with the chores of scheduling & communication takes up 90% of recruiters’ bandwidth. With First IPO shouldering these responsibilities the recruiter can focus on sourcing, selling the Employee Value Proposition, offer & onboarding process.

AI based prescreening, compiler integrated coding, interviews conducted by SME’s & complete Interview process management services is on offer.

Our state of art integrated cloud-based platform with assured SLA, quality, video evidences and broad range of metrics make outsourcing interviews meaningful.