Pre-Screening of candidates plays an important role in arriving at the appropriate shortlists.

Our AI engine helps gain more insight on candidates by rendering a virtual phone screen as a substitute to traditional phone interview.


FIPO STem offers unparalleled opportunity for Organizations to outsource the entire Interview process. Screening, Testing, Evaluating and Messaging are the corner stone of candidate management. It is also the most intensive activity that determines the Time, Cost & Quality aspects of recruiting.

The STem process offers to screen out unqualified candidates, so employers don’t have to deal with sorting through applicants who don’t have the required skills and experience. This is a huge win for employers that are typically overwhelmed by unqualified job applications.


First IPO’s Assessment solutions supports measuring Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. You have a choice of using standard tests that First IPO’s experts have devised or customize it to your organizational need

Psychometric Test

Evaluate a candidate's psychological compatibility with the intended position eliminating any deficiencies in a face-to-face interviewing process.


First IPO’s Coding Test platform enables you to conduct online programming challenges on Java, C, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, Python and PHP. Conduct hackathons to evaluate hands-on technical skills and test Data Structures & Algorithms.

  •  Conduct online hackathons.
  •  Promote your online coding challenges via social media, campus coordinators and through First IPO channels.

FIPO VSelect

FIPO’s video interview services is backed by the state of art video evaluation platform. The tool & process offers flexibility for the recruiters to focus on HR activities like candidate sourcing, reviewing for best fit & onboarding.

The all-important work of interviewing the candidates is handled by 1600 strong FIPO’s empaneled subject matter experts (SME). The SME’s individually bring over 8 years of industry experience to the selection process. SME’s collectively can review over 100 different technology skills.


Value addition is what all employers seek from their Recruiting partners. The social network site offers limited access to a vast database but fall short of creating the much-needed valueie qualify the candidates.

FIPO – SMart a Curated talent aggregation platforms can help employers sidestep recruiting and staffing firms’ services.It offers smaller numbers of qualified candidates, saving companies time and money in the sourcing, screening, and hiring processes.


FIPO - SOurce aims to be the online job website of choice to the workforce. It is a marketplace for Employers and candidates to interact.

Candidates are free to list their profiles & Employers can showcase jobs and launch their branding efforts.

FIPO - SOurce, offers job seeker value-added services such as resume writing, intelligent job search based on preferences, technical mentoring, interview preparation and video evaluation etc.,


Experience the most convenient online Campus Recruitment program on FIPO-CAmpus.

FIPO recruiting platform is designed to engage students from Day 1 on campus. Facilitating seamless virtual interaction between Corporate Champions & Students is our aim.

Run almost everything virtually