First IPO platform is built to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained at all levels of operations. Some of the key features are called out

The platform provides capabilities to conduct all online assessments in a fair manner. When you are running the entire operation virtually, cheating prevention is key to success.

WebCam Monitoring

The candidate is monitored via webcam to ensure that there is no impersonation and that the candidate does not communicate with others in person or using mobile during the test.

Window Proctoring

TheThe test window is proctored. If the candidate navigates away from the test window (for instance, to use google search), multiple warnings are given. If the warnings are ignored, the test is ended immediately, and a red flag is raised in the report.

Copy Detection

When code submissions by any two candidates are too similar (>85% similarity), a red flag is raised indicating possible code plagiarism.

Random Pooling

Each candidate taking the test can be given a smaller set of questions that are randomly selected from a large pool of questions.

Video Quality

Every Video instance is checked for quality – Streaming & content is checked for completeness & if found defective adequate steps are taken to repeat the process & capture the details correctly.

Candidate Authentication

Candidates are required to produce a government issued Identification card for the purpose of authentication. All actions on the platform proceeds further only after proper identification of the individual is completed.