About Us


First IPO is now Curatal.First IPO was the pioneer in bringing Interview as a service. Curatal is here with a bigger vision and mission to curate talent, connect them with organizations and thus create opportunities

So, what is new that Curatal brings?

Curatal is now an end-to-end talent management company. With curated talent as its core strategic focus, Curatal brings a bouquet of offerings that address the priorities of talent acquisition managers across organizations.

So, what is new that Curatal brings?

  • Talent Search and Evaluation: comprising of Assessment and Interview support
  • Talent Audit: in client organizations
  • Talent Pipe: to enable sustained growth through curated talent
  • Virtual Campus: to curate young talent with them with fast growth careers

What Makes Curatal Unique?

  • SMEs : Curatal has the distinction of having one of the largest consortiums of subject matter experts or SMEs, numbering over 4,000! They have an average of 15 years industry experience with significant percentage of them having earned a 5-Star candidate rating.
  • Client Base : Curatal has the trust of 200 clients, which number is rapidly growing.
  • Technology Platform : Our fast growth is a vindication of the innovative Curatal platform, which is video enabled and built on futuristic AI and ML technologies. The platform offers industry-best data and PII security

Come explore a curated talent pool comprising of over 5 lakh profiles, ready to make a difference in your